Equine Insurance

"All Risks" Cover, Bespoke Solutions

Ascoma Private Wealth Insurance, in collaboration with experts from the equestrian and horse-riding world, offers you, as a horse rider or owner, solutions that are suitable for your sport, including show jumping competitions, dressage, three-day events, polo, horse racing or private trekking.

We will insure your horse in the following situations:

  • Death resulting from an accident or disease,
  • Transport in Western Europe,
  • Emergency surgical operation performed by a recognised veterinary surgeon,
  • Theft of your horse (in Western Europe),
  • Destruction ordered by relevant authorities or for humanitarian reasons,
  • Electrocution, fire, drowning or explosion.


  • Based on veterinary documents, agreed value insurance is provided and allows the timeframe and amount of the compensation payment to be optimised in the event of loss.


We give you advice on the choice of additional coverage, depending on the profile of your horse:

  • Veterinary care following death or disease, examinations, medication,
  • Emergency surgical expenses,
  • Permanent and irrevocable disability resulting from an accident that forces your horse to retire from your sport,
  • Rendering/ removal expenses,
  • Theft of equipment,
  • Infertility of a stallion due to accident.

In order to give you the most fitting protection while practicing your sport, we advise you on the following policies:

  • Horse-owner liability,
  • Personal accident insurance for the rider, covering bodily damage in case of a fall.

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