Jewellery, Precious stones, Collections of exceptional assets

Standard Home and Contents insurance contracts are not a satisfactory solution to your insurance needs for exceptional assets, jewellery, precious stones, silverware and stamp or coin collections. Ascoma Private Wealth Insurance provides knowledgeable specialists and researches tailor-made solutions on the international market, thus offering you a quality service. We provide “All Risk” coverage for your jewellery, regardless of you are in France, Monaco, Europe or elsewhere in the world.


  • Against loss, theft, vandalism, fire and other material damage throughout the world.
    You will be covered against violent theft, if your diamond becomes unset or if you lose your jewellery whilst wearing it….
  • While travelling.
    Your jewellery is still insured, regardless of whether you are wearing it, carrying it in a bag or suitcase or whether it is in your immediate vicinity. Your jewellery remains insured during restoration, cleaning, setting and valuation. We cover your jewellery when stored in a safe deposit box, during transportation to your home, or if you wish to wear it for an evening out. Change the coverage area to suit your needs: France and Monaco, Europe or worldwide.


  • Is it obligatory to have a safe to insure my jewellery at home?
    Yes. We will advise you about the most appropriate safe to install for the best coverage.
  • Can I get an agreed value guarantee for my valuables, with no time limit?
    Yes, that you provide a prior valuation certificate or any other descriptive document with an estimate. We keep these documents 100% confidential.
  • I bought a watch a month ago and I forgot to tell you. Am I covered in case of an insured event?
    Yes. Any new acquisition is insured for two months following the purchase, up to 25% of the overall amount insured for jewellery, subject to receipt of documentary evidence and payment of any additional premium.
  • Will I be compensated for both?
    Yes. Your compensation will account for the depreciation involved in the theft of one earring.

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