Exclusive and prestige properties

Luxury Villas and Apartments, Historic Homes and Castles

Ascoma Private Wealth Insurance negotiates customised “All Risk” coverage for your prestigious residences and optimises protection of your real and personal property.


In order to obtain a more accurate idea of the extent of your assets, we visit your properties and craft a bespoke solution with you. During site visits, we make suggestions regarding the protection of your assets against major risks.

We negotiate the underwriting of:

  • Multi-site policies for your main and secondary residences,
  • ​Policies for your main home, which may include a professional practice.
  • ​Policies for your villa rented out for seasonal “holiday lets”.


We negotiate insurance for:

  • ​Buildings and outbuildings, including greenhouses, conservatories, sheds, pool-houses,
    ​caretaker houses etc.
  • ​Landscaped areas and parks, regardless of the surface area,
  • ​Trees and shrubs,
  • ​Outdoor amenities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, Jacuzzis, saunas…
  • ​Outdoor sculptures and ornaments,
  • ​Boundary or retaining walls, terraces.


We negotiate suitable solutions to cover your household contents, including furniture, personal belongings, household electrical appliances, audio-visual equipment, computer and home automation installations, silverware, tableware and glassware, cash and other assets.

Our contracts provide:

  • ​New replacement value compensation,
  • ​Accidental breakage guarantee
  • ​Replacement value or agreed value coverage for fine art, collections and valuables (with no time limits). We will assist you in monitoring changes in art markets and adapt your coverage to reflect fluctuations.


  • ​Coverage is automatically extended worldwide while you are travelling, including personal belongings, luggage, methods of payment, official documents, telephones and laptop computers,
  • ​Your movable assets, fine art and jewellery are guaranteed worldwide, including during transportation.


  • ​If your home is located in a high-risk zone, vulnerable to flooding, forest fires, landslides, subsidence, rises in water levels or tidal surges, we will seek out a ​suitable insurance policy, with “market value” compensation.
  • ​In the case of bank financing, this insurance contract will be required for taking out a mortgage.


  • ​If your property is visited by the general public, either throughout the year or only on National Heritage Day, we protect you from liability incurred from these visits,
  • ​If you operate a bed and breakfast or guest house on your premises, we cover you for comprehensive liability.

Pour un rendez-vous ou une étude personnalisée Tél. : (+377) 97 97 50 95 – Email : ascoma-private@ascoma.com