About us

ASCOMA is an international and independent insurance brokerage group, established in Monaco over sixty years ago and operating in the entire world. The Group has a strong presence in Sub-Saharan Africa where it created the first ever independent insurance network.

Ascoma Private Wealth Insurance is a core division of the Monaco-based subsidiary Ascoma Jutheau Husson, the leading insurance broker in the Principality since 1950, and offers bespoke solutions to an exclusive high-end clientele, benefitting from the Group’s long-standing expertise and international operations.

The Ascoma Group in figures:
Offices : a total of 38 in 25 countries
Staff : 600  (including more 500 in Africa)
Revenue : € 38 Million

Our professionalism as insurance brokers

Independent advice 
The insurance broker’s role is that of an independent advisor that protects its clients’ interests when dealing with insurance carriers and third parties. As independent brokers, we combine proximity and technical expertise to assist our private clientele with ongoing support and advice.

Experience and expertise
Our team of multidisciplinary experts provides a wide range of highly qualified comprehensive services tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our technical skills include, but are not limited to, risk audits, identification of “ad hoc” covers, complex contract negotiations, in-house claims management and prompt indemnification.

Proximity and technical skills 
An in-depth knowledge of local business and regulations offers each Ascoma subsidiary a precious tool in the assistance of its clientele, especially in respect of specific risks. The Group has a Paris-based logistics platform, Ascoma International, whose mission is to coordinate international operations and assist clients, partners and the group subsidiaries with a broad range of activities:  complex tender analyses, facilitation of major international programs, reinsurance investments, risk audits and prevention studies.

International partnerships
Ascoma has signed non-exclusive correspondent agreements with the largest brokers worldwide and   is a member of several international networks. These agreements allow Ascoma to assist its clients wherever they do business.